Black Rob: Diddy CANCELLED My Insurance

( – Sean Combs aka Puff aka Puff Daddy aka Puffy aka Diddy is being called out in the Hoods of America for being the worse thing to happen to Black artists in a long time. Ironically, Diddy has recently called out Corporate American music industry for disrespecting Black Artists.

Robert Ross, Sr. who performed professionally as Black Rob, passed away on April 17, 2021 after suffering from kidney issues admitted before he died that

When Black Robb was in jail “nobody reached out to me. Nobody. He went to see Wayne in jail….you didn’t come see B/R? That N*99a was never my man. Never. Puff wasn’t the one during the records with me. He’s not in the studio 20 hours, 15 hours with me. Ever. There was no love over there. Dudes as just using. Trying to use me. They used the Black Robb Report as the spring board for the Biggie Duet Album. Puff wasn’t doing nothing. He didn’t have no records out. It was dry. Everybody was going.”

Black Robb would have lived a different life if he wasn’t taken off the insurance plan.

“I had got sick with the kidney shit. Ya’ll took me off of that so how am I supposed to get these meds and shit? You took me off the insurance, you took me off the website. You don’t come see me. You don’t write. It was like they said, ‘Fuck that n*99a.’ “

IT’S OFFICIAL! #AddisonRae has been FORMALLY BANNED from BlackPressRadio and any and all verticals including for stealing dances from Black Content Creators, Culture Crimes and other reasons. We will not support #BlackFishing #CultureAppropriation


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