About Us

(Black Press Sports) – From hard news to behind-the-scenes sports updates to celebrity interviews and international affairs, BlackPressRadio.com’s founder DC Livers has earned a reputation for being the best at what she does – and often the first to do it. In fact, she was almost booted from covering a professional sporting event for using Twitter because the team had never heard of it. In 1994, she became one of the original Black girls who wrote HTML code and helped create some of the nation’s most impressive urban online and digital properties.

It wasn’t long before the entire media world was using social media outlets like Twitter in their everyday news coverage. Livers regularly covers A-list entertainment events including awards shows, red carpet arrivals and high-end political conventions.

Fast forward to 2016, DC Livers is once again changing the way that Black news is created, consumed and distributed on the Web, this time with sports. Fast forward again to 2021, you’ll find DC Livers launching the nation’s first Black-owned sports network. TBSN has been featured in Yahoomore than once in EUR Web, Inside Radio and on the Sandra Rose blogging network among other places. The network launched during Game 5 of the NBA Finals.

As a Black woman covering professional sports, Livers grew disenchanted with the extra demands placed on women and racial minorities by teams and the league. Her frustration lead to the creation of Black Press Sports, which is an online community that will help bring awareness to other African Amerian sports writers.

“I saw Patrick Ewing, Jr. working out in The Garden so I whipped out my recorder to make a podcast but the worker couldn’t figure out if I was breaking league rules but I’m a tech nerd and an early adopter of many of today’s top tech. Luckily, I was granted permission to tweet from games. Now when I see media professional using social media like Twitter, I kind of chuckle. I took a verbal smack down for their right to do so,” Livers laughed.

Cutting her teeth in broadcast news before returning to her love of print reporting while covering sports, Livers landed JALEN ROSE’s first interview as a Pacer and also interviewed sports greats like then coach LARRY BIRD and DONNIE WALSH. Ironically, years later she would work with Walsh again during his tenure with the New York Knicks.

“Every time I saw Mr. Walsh, I felt like such a groupie. He has a beautiful mind for basketball and his thumbprint is on so many of the league’s most amazing players,” Livers said.

She was part of a weekly TV show featuring sports stars where she worked with NBA, NFL and racing superstars Jeff Gordon and Robbie Gordon. Livers has covered the New York Knicks, Washington Wizards, Indiana Pacers, among other professional teams. She was one of a handful of African American sportswriters – and only one of two Black female writers – to cover the inaugural season of the Washington Nationals baseball team.