EXCLUSIVE: Luenell Speaks on DMX’s Death and the Backlash

(BlackPressRadio.net) – Luenell is one of the most beloved comedians in Black America. While she’s an international star for her comedy work and her work in movies and television, there’s a special relationship that Luenell has with the Black Community.

Considering that, few people were prepared when she “killed off DMX” a day before he actually died. Luenell, her publicist and DC Livers – who was working overtime to try to get the truth about DMX’s illness and to combat the negative – and flat out untrue – reports from outlets like TMZ, The Shade Room, The Jasmine Brand and other reckless media felt like a full time job.

“I’ve covered a lot of celebrity illnesses, deaths and even their funerals but I have never, ever had to do anything like this. I was simply struck at the recklessness from Black-owned outlets like The Shade Room and The Jasmine Brand and others. I couldn’t believe how irresponsible the coverage was. Even when I issued the media advisory to HOLD for CONFIRMATION and to wait for the family’s statement, it was like a rush to kill off the nation’s most iconic hood hero. It started to feel kind of spiritual like there was a need for him to die on April 8, 2021 but he didn’t actually die until April 9, 2021. Even Wikipedia assigned him an April 8, 2021 death date. I was so surprised because as an editor for Wikipedia, we’re held to strict standard of truth. I started willing him to hang on to April 9, 2021. I remember clapping and crying when he made it 12:01am on April 9, 2021 because he kept saying “Only God can take me” so if he died on April 8, 2021 it would have been devastating. For him to outlive his own death date was a confirmation – at least to me- that he was anointed. He died exactly 7 days after his illness. Seven is a perfect number. It’s a biblical number. It was fitting,” Livers said.

Livers said she was really surprised when Luenell issued the message that he was officially gone.

“I called her publicist and asked her if she knew Luenell was trending on Twitter. She was like, ‘Luenell is not on Twitter [as an account holder] but she didn’t know yet what was happening. It wouldn’t take long for her and her client to realize that they were in the middle of a media crisis. I remember speaking with them at 11:52 pm because I was already on a countdown for midnight. In the end, it’s been a long few days for everyone involved with this story but I feel like I’ve lived an entire month in a dozen days,” said Livers.

BlackPressRadio agreed to provide the star access to their network to get her side of the story told. Here’s the snippet. The full report will be on YouTube and in the Hood Rules Apply Podcast.


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