SPECIAL REPORT: GENTRIFIED Hip Hop and the Fight for Relevance

(BlackPressRadio.net) – Many can’t wrap their heads around the fact that the 90s was 30 years ago.

Let’s count it: 1990 – 2000 (ten years). 2000-2010 (twenty years). 2010-2020 (thirty years). Generation Z is often left wondering why it matters for them to pay homage to the 90s hip hop stars who they never hear on the radio, aren’t seen on television and whose actual work gets covered by a non-Black person on television commercials.

As legendary rapper BIZ MARKIE fights for him life after suffering a stroke during the Global Pandemic, hip hop is fighting for its life after rappers like Jay Z co-signed on people like Justin Timberlake and immigrant Izzy Azalea and Clifford “T.I.” Harris not only allowed anyone into his hood like Robin Thicke and others, he also SUED the Marvin Gaye family after stealing the songs of Marvin Gaye for his Blurred Lines song with Pharrell.

Fast forward to 2021, Pharrell is trying to get people to believe his version of manhood is the only way to go and that he – the man who helped sue Marvin Gaye – is the person who should be in charge of THE CULTure. He’s partly right when it comes to cult-like actions but he’s certainly not the person that makes African Americans born in the United States to American parents who were Descendants of Slavery happy at all. They view him a RACIAL COVER and responsible for hip hop being on life support.

Today’s hip hop is actually GENTRIFIED HIP HOP was crafted and co-signed by several key people who are credited with being “Racial Covers” or as some call The BLACK FRIEND allowing their non-White friends to say the n-word, bringing them into the hood and basically selling them the secret sauce.

#TheFightForRelevance dropping March 22 on BlackPressRadio.net A look at hip hop from thirty years ago and how it’s changed in 2021. Why are old heads afraid of letting go? @kevin_powell and others have #hiphop community scratching their heads #BlackTwitter


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