The Black Sportz Network HIJACKS Sports

( – “Within 72 hours of the announcement that TBSN: The Black Sportz Network selected a design partner to handle branding, my LinkedIn was up 1600+%,” said DC Livers, the veteran sports reporter who is Founder and CEO of the new network. “The response has been immediate and amazing.”

Crafted during the global pandemic, Livers said there’s a huge need for sports networks that “humanize Black athletes” and gives players a chance to become investors, owners and the leaders they deserve to be inside of the sports market.

“ESPN has laid off over 400 people but I feel we have a better sense of job security because they will also be a new athlete but he chances are that at least one of them will be a Black athlete,” Livers said.

As more and more people are beginning to question the equality of sports, news that The Black Sportz Network is launching to provide broadcast radio and TV offerings for African American and urban audiences has the industry excited about the future.

As the first sports Black owned and woman-led network, TBSN: The Black Sportz Network will be entering a $620 billion global sports industry with hopes of securing 15% of the $110 billion US sports marketshare by 2025. Branding sets the tone for the future of the network.

The network plans to provide content that relies heavily on audio and radio options in addition to digital, SVOD, VOD, AVOD and social media offerings.

“With so many athletes fed up with the way the mainstream media is censoring their daily protests related to Black Lives Matter, TBSN: The Black Sportz Network is being celebrated by players, agents and advertisers as an idea that is long overdue,” said  Founder and Chief Executive Officer DC Livers, who is the longest working Black female reporter covering the NBA.

“The support that I’ve gotten since it was announced that I was starting the first Black-owned and woman led sports network has been humbly,” added Livers. “I’ve attended sports conferences like Hashtag Sports and others and I’ve been amazed that they often try to keep me on the outside despite the reality that I’m the longest working Black woman covering the NBA. These guys know me. They see my struggle as a Black woman in sports and they understand.”

Combining hip hop and sports, TBSN: The Black Sportz Network is already turning heads especially when it was announced the launch of


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