KRYIE IRVING invokes Malcolm X Clause

( – When Kyrie Irving decided to skip the 2020-2021 NBA Media Day festivities choosing instead to issue a statement through a Black female sports publicist, Black Twitter was put on notice that he would be needing back up this season.

Black Twitter began to pay closer attention for the marching order King Kyrie was giving. By the time the National Association of Basketball (NBA) decided to back Kelly Loeffler instead of doing the right thing of removing her as an owner of the WNBA team, lines had been drawn and sides have been chosen.

It wasn’t hard for Black athletes to understand what was going on and almost on cue they begin to hijack press conference to talk about current events.

Many of the NBA, NFL, MLB and other professional sports owners – including recently fired Senator Kelly Loeffler – supported the people running around without masks and hijacking Targets. The owners are supporters of ANTI-MASKING but yet they’re telling STEPHEN A to tell King Kyrie to RETIRE over one night with no mask?! Does that sound right to you? The players are overtaxing me with the REAL story so you can help me pick up the slack.

Along the way, the NBA and NBPA had plenty of time to make changes but instead they stood their ground and Black voters were forced to take out the trash that the NBA refused to take out. They swiftly voted Kelly Loeffler out in Georgia but that did not stop her for attending the hearing that would eventually lead the U.S. Capitol being taken over by domestic terrorists.

Devin Booker’s horrible decision to play the biracial privilege card calling Paul George aka Playoff P – one of the most Hood Official players in the NBA – “a soft ass nigga” on national television no one in the hood was surprised at the physical fight that followed but everyone was surprised that the NBA again missed a chance to do the right thing allowing Devin Booker – then on the Phoenix Suns but traded to Oklahoma City shortly after – to get away with essentially was deemed a hood crime.

Kyrie discussed his feelings – however briefly – on the situation with the United States Capitol, which of course was missed by the NBA, especially since so many of its owners, coaches and executive staffs voted for Trump and contributed to the 1000% match giving Trump the money to fly in thousands of his support to commit insurrection. Plus, news just dropped that the NBA is in talks with Arctos Sports Partners to buy about 20% of the league. The company has deep ties with Trump.

Arctos Sports Partners is seeking permission to invest in minority stakes in NBA teams, according to people familiar with the matter.

In the hood, everyone knows that Black players won’t appreciate working for companies and owners that support Trump so unless and until the NBA fixes these issues, King Kyrie might be playing more chess than basketball.


KYRIE UPDATE: #KyrieIrving gets PROTECTION as #JamesHarden is heading to #Brooklyn to join #KevinDurant #BrooklynNets #BlackTwitter #BlackLivesMatter #NBA #KellyLoeffler #WNBA #CarisLevert #VictorOlapido #LeBronJames KYRIE PARTIES #MASKLESS


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