SPECIAL REPORT: Racism in Sports

Kelly Loeffler, Devin Booker, Biracial Privlege, White Privlege

(BlackPressRadio.net) – An upcoming two-year internal investigation by a leading Black sports reporter is gaining national news because of the recent defeat of WNBA owner Kelly Loeffler – who was fired from her US Senate seat by angry voters on January 4, 2021. Loeffler’s case is not new but the involvement of the NBA and WNBA is the one of the subjects of a damning report on how professional sports owners are helping to fund White terrorism that led to the INSURRECTION of 2021.

But before the Insurrection of 2021, DEVIN BOOKER – a biracial player in the NBA who definitely dated Republican Kendall Jenner after she was cancelled for racial reasons by Black Twitter – called one of the NBA’s biggest stars – Paul George – a “Soft Ass N*gga” during an NBA game. The incident led to a fight in which news casters dismissed Booker’s action as “chippy.” The NBA Commissioner – Adam Silver – said nothing. No fine has been announced, no discipline is expected from the Phoenix Suns – which of course is based in Arizona where one of the election votes were contested.

Although the NBA didn’t do anything to Booker, the streets took notice and issued swift warnings to Booker that he can all but expect to be “touched.”


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