SURVIVING The ‘Rona: Financial options

Life insurance during COVID and the Global Pandemic
( – With about 200,000 people already confirmed dead during the global pandemic, no one can leave anything to chance. Even if you don’t want to think about it, life insurance is a reality for anyone who values their loved ones’ future after they’re gone.

Anyone who has ever thought of #LifeInsurance knows, it’s not an easy topic. Who should be the beneficiary? What policy do you need? How much? Will it help your children if you died without life insurance? Will it help them if you had it? What’s the best policy and who should you call?

Learning how to PIVOT during COVID and surviving financial crisisWe sat down with Danielle Gael, a licensed insurance agent in Houston, TX to discuss insurance, how you can become a rep and how to take the leap of faith to work with companies that some may have helped to have a bad reputation? At some point, nearly every company faces a scandal that could threaten the future of everyone at that company. But as a company mends itself and starts anew, it is a good time for you to get involved?

Many people have very negative impressions of MLM programs but today’s millennials are rebranding, reworking and reaps a lot of benefits from working with MLM programs. Now with an MLM for insurance and financial services, there’s real hope that things are getting better.

There’s never been a time where millennials have been having so much success as they’re having with MLMs during COVID. Armed with just a cell phone and sometimes a computer, millennials are using MLMs to lift their families out of poverty during a pandemic when employment is really hard to find.

Listen to how one single mom is betting on herself and winning.


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