LITTLE BLACK GIRL steals show at Serena’s match

( – They didn’t believe this mother could do the impossible but she told me, “My baby spent a year in the NICU. The nurses put me through hell like they wanted me to leave. They said she’d never walk or talk or be a normal kid so I said: SEND HER HOME. I’ll do it myself.”

The hospital fought the discharge but the mother won. She said, “I treated my baby like a normal child. I had her around her cousins and was like, ‘She gonna be alright.’ I made sure she learned everything….how to eat, walk, talk. Everything.”

On August 29, 2022, God put it on the mother’s heart to take her baby to meet Serena Williams. Nevermind that Serena is an EPICLY popular star. Forget the fact that the match was sold out weeks ago, not that she would have been able to afford that anyway.

Somehow – by God’s grace no doubt – baby girl and her momma’s energy was VIBRATING SO HIGH that night that she literally manifested her baby’s destiny.

By the time I was on the scene, Baby Girl’s spirit was already touching people. They could see her light. You could see the God in her, literally.

Most people never knew about the medical condition – at least I didn’t – the imagery read this: Black mother wants her daughter to meet the most influential Black tennis player in the world because Baby Girl wants to play tennis.

Baby girl was born with her intestines out.

Just so you know:
An infant cannot survive with his or her bowel outside of the body. After your baby is born, doctors will assess how severe the gastroschisis is. The type of repair needed depends on how much bowel and/or organs are outside of your baby’s belly and any inflammation or damage to those tissues.

She hasn’t let her stop her. She’s not gonna be deterred.

She met Anthony Anderson, the actress who portrayed Disney’s first Black princess @anikaaroundtheworld, Serena and so many more.

Clearly, Baby Girl’s destined for greatness. It was an honor to capture her story.


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