Tracy McGrady’s ONES BASKETBALL LEAGUE (OBL) hosts championship tournament in Vegas

– by DC Livers for TBSN: The Black Sportz Network

( – If epic was a streetball tournament set in Las Vegas, it would be called OBL. It was electric. It was spontaneous. It was Harlem-level spectacular.

At times, players chose violence including one player – Glenn Rice, Jr – whose emotions got so high he put his finger in the ref’s face and even pushed him. The audience was upset as well that Rice had lost his game to controversial refereeing. At other times, the players came for each other like it was a basketball version of the purge. At stake: a quarter of a million dollar prize

“He told me he was sitting on the couch and it came to him,” McGrady’s mother told TBSN: The Black Sportz Network. Although she doesn’t do interview, it was more of a casual conversation of a proud mother who raised her son to value tradition and hard work.


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