Cardi B SUED for song “UP” and it’s really bad

( – Cardi B can’t catch a legal break because many say she doesn’t write her on lyrics, steals music from Black artists and basically doing people dirty for profit.

As Cardi B is on TV performing for The Grammys, she’s being sued for hip hop track “Stuck” which she calls ‘UP.’ Here’s a mashup of the original song creators mixed with Cardi B. Watch for yourself and decide if she’s gonna lose the lawsuit or win.

The originators of the track spoke with Hood Rules Apply podcast on the Black Press Radio Network about how they’re feeling about their song begin performed on The Grammys. TRIGGER WARNING: Hood Rules Apply is a FREE SPEECH ZONE. The podcasts are never edited. Meet MIR PESOS – one of the originators – who shuts down rumors and lays it all on the line in this EXCLUSIVE podcast interview which DC Livers, which lasted nearly 30 minutes.


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