NBA writer’s COVID death of Seikou Smith leads to questions about protection

( – The National Basketball Association is struggling to survive financially so it lifted the bubble for the 2020-2021 regular season. Already there are problems. The NBA didn’t report that Seikou Smith had COVID so his death on the anniversary of Kobe Bryant’s death hit hard. Their reasoning is said to be tied with trying to keep the players from leaving due to growing concerns about the NBA allowing fans to attend the games during a global pandemic that is hitting the Black community the hardest.

On February 1, 2021, a White fan who was quickly nicknamed #CourtsideKaren went viral not just because she called the NBA’s most important player – Lebron James – a PUSSY and a BITCH – but also because of her MAGA ties and support of the Insurrection. The NBA’s ties with MAGA, Trump and people who stormed the U.S. Capitol is something that the league tries to hide but Courtside Karen made their little secret very, very public.

Problem is, the NBA is also in talks to have up to 20% of its ownership of the teams sold to a group of people with heavy ties to racism, the 1776 movement and Trump. In fact, several people already inside the NBA have been tied to Trump including Knicks owner James Dolan, WNBA owner and now fired senator Kelly Loeffler and some say the Sixers new guy – formerly of the Houston Rockets – Darryl Morey.

Ironically, LeBron is one MAGA’s most hated players for his stance on racial equity, Black Lives Matter and other things. Kyrie Irving intentionally mentioned the U.S. Capitol terrorist attack as part of the reason he wasn’t playing. To the mostly Black players in the NBA this is not a negotiable topic but the NBA is stuck in the middle but leans more and more to the right behind the scenes. On one hand, they’re catering to their owners who they know are Trumpsters, MAGA supporters and BLM hating Republicans. On the other hand, they’re trying to appease their players. WNBA players didn’t buy it and turned their attention to getting WNBA owner Kelly Loeffler fired. This went down in the state of Georgia as did the physical threats of violence against LeBron James in Atlanta on February 1, 2021.

NBA's Racist ties are showing

But the NBA is walking a dangerous path as Black Players are starting to demand more transparency within the NBA and many are predicting a showdown that will force the NBA to make Dolan and Loeffler sell their teams.

With the situation with LeBron and the MAGA fan it exposed racist ties that the NBA must rid itself from or be in jeporady of losing the faith and support the NBA fans or worse get caught in the racial ties that led to the NFL’s demise.


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