Cicely Tyson’s Greatest Performance PROVES Why President Biden Must FORMALLY Apologize for Slavery

( – Imagine living your life in search of freedom while portraying some of the most incredible Black women in journey in search of FREEDOM for Africans enslaved in the United States of America, living to see a Black-ish president and a Mixed, female vice president but the last days of your life are spent listing to a newly elected president make illegal immigrants his top priority. 

Imagine what it must have felt like for Cicely Tyson – a descendant of African slaves who have been trying to be free and go home for generations listening to people talk about the rights of immigrants who came to this very land willingly, not in chains and unlawfully. It must have been hard for Cicely Tyson to reckon with the realization that President Biden nor Vice President Kamala Harris made a formal speech about formally apologizing for Slavery – even while portraying Kamala as a “Black Woman.”


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