President Biden Issues EXECUTIVE ORDER on Racial Equity

( – On January 26, 2021, President Joe Biden issued an Executive Order on Racial Equity. President Biden announced he is expediting the Harriet Tubman $20 bill that was first introduced by President Barack Obama but discontinued by Trump.

President Joe became the first United States President to address racial equity head on. Although President Obama was expected to formally apologize for slavery and reparations, he chicken out and instead made gay rights his focus. By all accounts, it was a divisive decision that pitted Black people against gay people.

Although some progress was made, Black Historians have long pointed out the lack of progress that African Americans made under Obama when it came to key areas.

For example, it was President Jimmy Carter – a white man – who bravely named June National Black Music Month. That was largely undone when Obama – a biracial man – named June Gay Rights Month. For the first time, Black musicians were forced to take a back seat to justice and equality to gay rights. It’s gotten so bad that hardly any Black musicians are celebrated in June. In fact, most younger Americans may not know about Black Music Month at all but have been conditioned to expect to see the rainbow flag – taken from the rainbow which was a symbol from God’s promise to Noah to signal all was well after the 40 days and nights of rain. It’s confusing as well because LGBT Month is also practiced in October making many feel overburdened by a political agenda.

Many Black gays have openly complained about Gay White Privilege and point out growing Anti-Blackness racism in the gay community. In fact, although a new inclusive gay flag that includes the Black and Brown stripe was created, White gays were incensed and refuse to allow it be flown. Some have taken to calling the old gay flag “The Confederate Gay Flag” and the new flag as the “Inclusive” Gay Flag.


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