REALITY TV Fakes scenes according to Ready to Love cast member

( – Many people have long wondered if Reality TV (now called Unscripted) is real or fake, but now a cast member of Ready to Love, a show that tells its audience that is UNSCRIPTED, says he and a case member were asked to fake scenes.

The show from Will Packer Media (a show that has Kelly Smith hired as Head of Unscripted Development & Production in charge of Unscripted programming) in partnership with Lighthearted Entertainment

For her part, @wynterpatterson #Wynter seemed like she may have been in it somehow because she swiftly told Anthony that there had never been another man for her – despite her actual desire to be with Jay. From the time Jay rejected her – refusing to kiss her except as a friend peck on the cheek (even though she begged for a kiss), Wynter seemed hellbent on not being eliminated from the show so it would make sense for her to be willing to put on a show.

Castmembers actually eliminated themselves rather than fake feelings. Jay left to give Joy the support she needed after her sister passed. Edwin left in tears in part because he could only see falling for Joy and in part because he knew he needed to work on himself. He was experiencing PTSD as a Black police officer and said he needed therapy. Even with all of that, rather than remove herself Wynter doubled down and asked Anthony: Are you in this with me? At the time it felt like she was asking about a relationship, but looking back it could have been the moment she joined the act. 

Ironically, when interviewed Denice and she expressed concerns about editing. Anthony didn’t admit in the interview that he faked scenes but he hinted that things may not have been all that it seemed.

If true, Will Packer Media and Lighthouse have explaining to do and all of REALITY TV would have to be re-examined.


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