Anthony from READY TO LOVE shares his CRUSTY FEET TEST and more

( – When Anthony agreed to appear on the Reality TV show, READY TO LOVE: Season Three, he couldn’t have expected his life would change so drastically. RECAP: Joy got her heart broke. Jay manned up. Edwin left in tears. Denise got dumped (or did she) and ANTHONY LOWERED THE BOOM. Find out if he dumped Denice or begged for forgiveness after the show.

A former professional football player, Anthony has all the energy to give it to everyone there at that resort and and their friends. His journey to find love wasn’t easy but he was able to achieve balance of being career-driven. With his career now cemented, Anthony accepted a spot on the reality dating show with a goal of connecting with someone who was full of self-love.

Connecting with other daters he narrowed it down to a select few.

Houston hopefuls will be tasked with finding love this season in a love bubble, aka a beautiful lush resort to wean off all distractions. Each week, the tables continue to turn as the men and women trade the power to eliminate those they deem not ready to love. In the end, only three couples will remain. 


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