READY TO LOVE star Denice spills the tea and sets the record straight

( – The unscripted television series, READY TO LOVE, has found a home in the hearts of many African Americans this year. But one dater in particular has everybody talking is Denice. From her fierce outfits to her melanin perfection, Denice has people loving to hate her but the reasons may have more to do with editing than her true personality. Get to know Denice in this video podcast preview of the 40+ minute interview with DC Livers.

Thomas “Nephew Tommy” Miles is the host of the show. He has been guiding the contestants, helping them understand each other better for the past 2 seasons of the show. Tommy is known for his work on ‘The Steve Harvey Morning Show.’ He will reprise his role as the host in ‘Ready to Love’ season 3.

The contestants of ‘Ready to Love’ season 3 are Adriana, Alex, Alisha, Anthony, Brian (sent home), Danielle, David, Denice, Edwin, Jay, Joy, Khalfani, Kristopher (sent home), Nyya (sent home), Rashid, Raymond, Samuel, Shay, Symone, and Wynter.

‘Ready to Love’ is an unscripted dating show, featuring group of men and women in their 30s and 40s try to find love. The daters interact with each other, try to strike up connections, and spend time going on dates in hopes of finding the perfect partner.

What makes ‘Ready to Love’ different from typical dating shows? Nothing really except the couples are African Americans seeking Black Love. In that light, Ready to Love is extremely different. Plus, the show is told from the Point-of-View of the men, as they examine their potential partners in the vulnerable quest for finding true love. Based in Georgia, the show starts with several men and women, eliminating dates down to three couples in the finale. Season 3 embraces the same format from previous seasons while highlighting more relationship drama as the featured stars search for their true love.

Denice of Ready to Love Exclusive interview

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