Afrobeats star Zdon Paporella goes viral with GRATEFUL track

( – Afrobeats is taking over the global music industry but it’s not new to BlackPressRadio which launched #BlackPressAfrica to highlight African artists in 2007.

Fast forward nearly 15 years later, one of the first Nigerian artists to be featured on BlackPressRadio – Zdon Paporella – is back with new music that has already gone viral. Grateful is an amazingly inspirational song that pays tribute to everything and everyone who was lost in – and those who survived – 2020.

When you consider that Nigeria celebrated it’s Independence Day on October 1, 2020 – and then was suddenly thrust into international spotlight for the protests and killings surround SARS at the same time the country was fighting Coronavirus like the rest of the world – it’s a bit of any understatement to say that 2020 has been a tough year for Nigerians.

Zdon shows his gratitude in his new song, Grateful.

“I feel good. For every artist – whether you are in the studio arts or performing arts – your priority is to do something nice that can get across to the people as far as possible,” Zdon said in the interview with BlackPressRadio. “I’m very excited. I’m delighted about the fact that people very far away – United States actually – are loving what we’re doing here in Nigeria – especially considering the kind of impressions people have had about us over the years that we could do something they could like and appreciate. I feel really good about it.” said Zdon.

Zdon is no stranger to BlackPressRadio’s audience. He first debuted on BlackPressRadio back in 2007.


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