Tiffany Pollard and Tango REUNITED

( – Fans of the franchise “I Love New York” and all of its moving parts were delighted to see Patrick “Tango” Hunter reunite with his long lost lover Tiffany Pollard as part of the popular TV network but no one could have expected what came next.

Tango – or as Tiffany Pollard admitted calling him when they were feeling ‘frisky’ – THE TAN MAN – admitted to fans that Tiffany “was the one that got away.”

Wearing a silk black blouse that showed off her toned shoulders while showing off her new cleavage and breast job and flowing brown hair but a bit too much makeup, Tiffany seemed ready to talk with her lover one-on-one. Tango – who wore stylishly ripped denim, a white tee to show off his muscles donned a black vest and tie completing his look with a Black hat and Black-rimmed glasses along with his signature beard – looked like he aged very well.

To save face, Tiffany dropped the ball on show that she’s engaged – if you’re counting that makes her third time she’s said yes but hasn’t actually walked down the aisle yet. To anyone watching, it was quite clear that the chemistry still runs deep for these two. To anyone who is involved with either person – no matter the marital status – these two are far from over each other.

“First, I have to tell that’s the first time actually watching. I felt hurt and I did something on that show that I wish I could have done differently,” Tango said admitting he was caught up in his feelings. “That’s not the way that should have went down. I was a young man not really in tuned with his emotions at the time. Me and her we were kind of caught up in a lot at the time. We had a lot more talking to do. We never really got a chance to do that kind of talking,” said Tango.

An emotional Tiffany took it all in and gave her reaction being dumped on national TV on the I Love New York Reunion special. It was a period of time that she tried to put behind her but it has been clear to many she hasn’t completely put in her past.

“That’s a perfect word because that’s what exactly you did,” she said looking at Tango. He looked up, threw his hands up in the air as if to admit it and felt embarrassed. He looked at her with his hand balled into a fist over his mouth as if to keep himself from saying anything. He allowed Tiffany to express herself and seemed to genuinely want to comfort her in that moment.

“Looking back, I was very hurt, very shocked. I didn’t see you pulling away from me because we did spend alone time away together without the cameras,” Tiffany said to Tango who nodded in agreement. “I feel like we were on a good page.”

Tango played with his tie in moments that got a bit too emotional for him but remained silent as Tiffany talked and offered words of forgiveness.

“To hear you sit here today and say you wish you had handled things differently, I can’t fault you for how you handled things back then because there was a lot going on.” She told him that he should not hang his head in shame. He seemed to relax and while looking up from time-to-time he started rubbing his hands together as he looked at her.

“I don’t think you should hold your head down. I think you can hold your head high because like I said, it was a really weird experience for the both of us.”

Mr. Boston – a popular cast-mate that became really close to Tango – was asked if he was surprised that Tango broke up with Tiffany at the I Love New York Reunion.

“I wasn’t surprised because he kind of gave me a heads up. He said he wasn’t feeling it and that he was probably going to end it at the reunion…” but he was quickly interrupted by Tiffany.

“You should have warned me then, Tango.” she said.

“I saw somethings that I wish you had told me,” Tango said when asked why he didn’t warn Tiffany. “The things that were said – in particular about my mother…”

Tiffany interjected again and said she would have never said anything about his mother even going as far as to say, “I swear I would not lie…”

Tango tried to continue, “There were things said about my mother such as her weight…” Tiffany quickly interjected again and tried to downplay what really happened, “No. Never that.”

Tiffany did try to pretend that she didn’t say bad things about his mother or attack her for her weight. She was quickly called out with a video flashback and audio that showed she did in fact fat shame Tango’s mother on air.

The two seemed to forget the cameras were rolling as they remembered their sexier times together before going back to the breakup heard around the world.

“I think I felt wounded – all over not just my heart. I think I felt stomped on,” Tiffany said. “I had no warning. I had to really process that and deal with that. It wasn’t easy but over time I’ve learned how to forgive you.” she said. This got Tango’s full attention. He leaned in to talk her and listened more intently. “I heard you even do some slanderous interviews about me. I’ve forgiven you for that even,” she said.

She was joined throughout the reunion with her mother, Sister Patterson, along with past contestants like Tango, Tailor Made, Whiteboy, and Mr. Boston. 

At one point, Tiffany said she wish she’d chosen chance but Tango swiftly put an end to that. In the end she showed off her engagement ring and said she feels happy and it “feels right.”

We can only hope that it is.

In a recent interview, Tango said he felt vindicated in his actions because people often blame the guy and not the woman in romantic situations.

“People see me as the bad guy for what I did on the reunion show but they don’t see the betrayal that happened to me before the reunion. I’m a strong believer that hurt people hurt people. I’m not known as someone who drops my guard but when that occurred – wrap this all up in a ball – you’re talking about my mother. I’m hearing all these back door confessions. Insult after insult, I started piecing it together and I went in,” Tango said.

He spoke about the engagement to Tiffany Pollard, his relationship with REAL – who passed away and of course, Chance who has his own show now. In particular, he spoke about the show’s decision to force a trans character on the show and whether he thinks people are being fair.

“I have a brother whose a gay male who’s older than me, came out at a time when he could have got hurt from coming out. I was maybe 18 or 19 and I love my brother to death. It didn’t really change much for me. It was more educational than anything,” Tango said. “I don’t understand why a straight man – such as myself – would care what’s happening in another man’s bedroom. That’s your life to me. The problem in our country stems from what I call the human condition. Black is a color. Black is not a culture. Black is a color. I want people to see me past my color and look at my character. In order to solve my problems in my community I need to preach and teach humanity. We can agree. We can disagree with someone’s ideals or preferences. It’s a living human being. Where the respect?”


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