( -….and so it begins: BlackPressRadio’s OPERATION SOCIAL JUSTICE MURAL PROGRAM can be activated all across the USA.

“I can’t breathe is something that every single person on the planet can relate to, especially NOW during the Global Pandemic. I couldn’t breathe and I had to do something so I’ve authorized all of our subsidiaries to forces to create the SOCIAL JUSTICE MURAL PROGRAM. People need to be able to express themselves. Let’s do it with art, with song, with murals,” said DC Livers.

Please send a contribution to the project because we have to get the paints for the artists to make the murals. We’ve found artists in Minneapolis, NYC, DC, Ferguson and other cities to do the murals. CashApp donations to: $BlackPress Also, if you know any people in your city that can make murals, please let us know.

LIVE FEED: Philadelphia, PA May 30, 2020

BlackPressRadio announced Social Justice Mural Project honoring George Floyd 


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