BABY MAMA DRAMA: Mia Burks is writing a “REFLECTIVE” book

Carmelo Anthony with daughter Genesis aka GG and her mom, Mia Burks

( – While she’s normally a stranger to the public, Mia Burks is ready to live her life out loud. According to BlackPressRadio,  Mia dropped the bombshell that she’s writing a “reflective” book. She’s already interviewed 10 women for the project which promises to share her own personal “journey.”

“It takes courage to tell your truth,” Mia said. “Everyone has a story. Your journey is your journey.”

It certainly has not been the easiest transition for Carmelo Anthony to adjust to being a dad of two. In particular, it’s been very difficult for his on again, off again marriage to Alani “LaLa” Vazquez. Oddly, the public has turned on her and blamed her for keeping him from being in his daughter’s life. What’s more surprising is that he’s stayed mum while she gets publicly embarrassed which is out of character for the otherwise stand up guy. A source very close to the situation tells BlackPressRadio that before he passed, Kobe Bryant was helping Carmelo get more comfortable being a dad of a daughter. Ironically, both Kobe and Carmelo’s daughters nicknames are GiGi although Melo’s daughter is spelled GG.

On May 12, 2020, Carmelo Anthony was dragged for his mother’s day post that intentionally did not include his daughter’s mother. People were very quick to point out that he must thank all of the mothers of his children if he thanks any of the mothers of his children. His actions tipped the scales in the wrong direction.

These days, LaLa Vazquez Anthony doesn’t wear her wedding ring. She’s pretty coy about whether they’re still romantically together. In fact, the last time she spoke on it publicly, she made it known through her spokesperson that she was filing for divorce.

“As La La and Carmelo have been living apart for quite some time,
La La is proceeding with legal discussions as the next step in their relationship,” a representative for the actress said in a statement. “They will remain loving and committed parents to their son.”

As of April 2020, while she hasn’t stated publicly that she’s called off the divorce the couple are quarantining together. It’s easy to see that they’re great co-parents, excellent friends but from her actions it’s very hard to know if they’re still in love. But we suspect they are.

They’ve made it a point to be quarantined together and it looks like things are going well. The NBA star’s estranged wife told Access Hollywood that she moved from New York City to Los Angeles as COVID-19 cases were rapidly growing. And now she’s following California’s stay-at-home order by quarantining with Melo and their 13-year-old son, Kiyan.

“I’m on the west coast. I have a bunch of my family with me. My son obviously is here. I was in New York and I just felt it was time to get out of New York. I was like, ‘This is not the place to quarantine at anymore. It’s time to go,’” La La said. “I grabbed some of my nieces, family members, Kiyan, and we came out west and we’re just quarantining now together. Melo is… yeah, he’s here somewhere. He’s even here. He’s here somewhere.”

“It’s actually been smooth sailing,” she said. “And you know, to see my son so happy even in the midst of what’s going on in the world to me is what’s important and what matters to me so I feel really great about that.”

But when there’s a secret in any relationship, sooner or later it’s going to come out. It would have been advisable for the adults to come to grips with what’s happening privately. It would have been nice for LaLa to use the time to prepare for being a step mother because she is. Doing that privately would have been ideal but in August, Genesis aka GG turns three. It’s really hard to hide a preschooler who is literally a look-a-like to her famous father. It’s also really unfair to try.

Some wonder how there could be a secret if all parties know about the other.

But it seems that Carmelo may have developed feelings for Mia. Emotional feelings in an affair make it especially hard for wives but also for the dads because seeing their child with the mother can bring back feelings of longing and desire.


There’s no indication that this is the case for Carmelo and Mia, but it does seem a bit odd when you take all things into account. Made worse, more than one person has pointed out that LaLa and Mia looks strikingly similar. In some photos, they could be sisters.

For her part, Mia doesn’t bash Carmelo publicly but she’s definitely spoken up a time or two about the way he’s chosen to NOT acknowledge his daughter. Prior to COVID-19, Carmelo seemed to be making progress but throughout quarantine he’s only been known for living it up and throwing back glasses of wine.

“LIKE SANDS THROUGH THE HOURGLASS, so are the days if our lives. So many people would’ve ALREADY snapped, cussed the father out and collected millions in a TELL ALL Interview, book or what not but Mia Burks keeps vibrating higher,” said DC Livers, who worked with Carmelo during his Knicks tenure.

“I’ve tried to understand it all but it’s tough. On one hand, I’m used to seeing side chicks, baby mamas and the whole nine but this feels different. It is my personal belief that makes her a star. Forget the looks or the baby, you gotta ALREADY be a dope person to make it through this pressure cooker that Mia Burks is clearly in yet she’s still ready to help others,” Livers said.

Quarantine Melo hasn't been quite selfish“Mia Burks is clearly a writer. She’s obviously got a lot to say. I’mma tell y’all my honest opinion: Melo must’ve fallen for her because no fling make you act like THIS. Side chicks of pro sports are a dime a dozen. Pay em to leave and keep it moving. Dwayne Wade could’ve assisted with the ironclad SHUTUP documents. THIS could’ve been made to go away in a SNAP… except if there was genuine love there because ERRRRRBODY KNOWS: Emotional affairs are the hardest of all to move past,” wrote Livers who says she loves Carmelo and LaLa as a couple but also respects Mia Burks. The aforementioned appeared on @BlackPress_Radio on Instagram.


Before they were parents, LaLa says she and Carmelo were friends.

“I was hosting a show with DJ Clue, and he said I want to introduce you to someone… it started off as a friendship,” LaLa said. The couple had their first date in Long Beach, California, and were inseparable afterward. Carmelo proposed the following year, and they had their son Kiyan not long after.

La La and Carmelo got married in New York City in 2010. They have split for a while, but there are on again, off again but mostly on these days through Quarantine.


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