(BlackPressRadio.net) – From Oprah Winfrey‘s controversial documentary on Michael Jackson to Gayle King‘s R. Kelly interview and her most recent “Badger The Witness” interview with WNBA Champion and Gold Medal Olympian Lisa Leslie, the world is starting to notice a pattern of not just attacks against Black women by the mainstream, but lately more and more African American women in media who seem to focus squarely on exploiting Black men while virtually giving men like Harvey Weinstein a pass.

Some say, “they’re just doing their jobs” but others feel there may be more at hand.

“This book is a spinoff of an article I wrote called, “Diversity is Dead: Here’s Why” that was published on BlackPressRadio.net in Feb 2019. It was inspired by conversations I had with Bonin Bough, a growth specialist whose has worked with people like LeBron James and helped OREO discover it had more to offer than Devil’s Food cookies, a movie called BLIND SPOTTING that I watched by Daveed Diggs during Black History Month 2019 and an interesting exchange I had with someone named Mutale Nkonde, who is basically spreading disinformation about Black people to her largely white audiences,” she said.

A new book entitled The LAST Black Woman explores what it would be like if there was only one Black woman left.

“In their own way, these people made it very clear to me that if we’re not careful we could very well see the last Black woman sooner rather than later,” Livers said.

In this special report, we’ll look at DISINFORMATION spread by Black women to Black people, why the Russians, American and other governments are targeting Black voters, the discrepancy between how the “Women’s Movement” funding is unfairly divided among White and Black women and other divisive methods that could lead to the extinction of Black Women.

BOOK COMING: Monday, February 17, 2020

PREORDER: The Last Black Woman by sending $24.99 to $blackpress or email blackcontentfactory at gmail to request an INVOICE.

*EXCERPT from the upcoming e-book from DC Livers called, “The LAST Black Woman”


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