Why Black People Love Harry

SONS of SCARRED WOMEN grow up different because they seen too much.

Lady Diane was treated terribly by The Firm & the British Monarch. If a British Aristocrat was treated so horribly, then a bi-racial American like Meghan Markle aka Duchie would be treated far worse.

Like a good man should, Harry is trying to shield his family from a situation that has proven harmful. He is on the record for saying he will not let history repeat itself. Harry could very well change the future of the Monarch. It’s starting to feel like doing so might be his BIRTH RIGHT.

Do you realize that if Queen Elizabeth had been his grandmother, she could have taken custody of Baby Archie? Thankfully, she is his GREAT GRANDMOTHER but Prince Charles – when he becomes King soon – could and likely will take custody – although he may allow the baby to keep living with his parents. The Man Formerly Named PRINCE (Harry) understands – he remembers what it was like only getting to see his mother when they allowed. Harry’s Daddy owes him and they all know it. He didn’t protect Princess Diana – he was too busy creeping around with his mistress – who’s now his wife.

Harry was forced to walk a mile behind his mother’s casket without so much as a hand to hold or even someone to dry his tears. He was told he was not allowed to cry. They went back to business as usual – and his Dad ended up marrying the mistress. Harry has admitted that it was child’s trauma he won’t allow to happen to his son.

Think about how NBA star Tristan Thompson son gonna feel since he seems to favor #truethompson – the daughter he shares with Khloe Kardashian and spends most holidays with her virtually ignoring his son – Prince – on holidays.


Don’t think Harry hasn’t forgotten how his mother was treated. SONS REMEMBER.

Imagine having your dad’s mistress become his wife.

As heir to the throne, Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales has been waiting in the wings for over 50 years as his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, continues to sit as the longest-serving, living sovereign. When he eventually becomes king, we can expect his wife, Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall to be by his side, although she’ll likely be going by a new title as well.

Born Camilla Shand and later known as Camilla Parker-Bowles after her marriage to ex Andrew Parker-Bowles, the future consort married Prince Charles on April 9, 2005. Upon their union, she was bestowed the royal title the Duchess of Cornwall (as Duke of Cornwall is one of Charles’s titles).

Technically, as the wife of the Prince of Wales, Camilla’s title would have been Princess of Wales, but she stuck with the Duchess of Cornwall because late Princess Diana was so widely known as the Princess of Wales when she was married to Charles. (Duchess of Cornwall was also one of Diana’s royal titles when she was married to him.)

Imagine the shit that Kim Porter’s sons Quincy Brown and Christian Combs must have seen as they grew up watching their mom be rejected and disrespected repeatedly by Christian’s dad, Sean “Diddy” Combs – who is the unofficial “stepdad” to Quincy, whose father is actually R&B singer/songwriter Al B. Sure!


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