DIDDY’S GIRLS: Misa Hylton is bossing up

HOW BEAUTIFUL IS MISA’S HAIR AND WHOLE VIBE?! Misa Hylton was honored by HER LEGACY AWARD on January 26, 2019 at Columbia University in New York City.

“It feels great to be honored by my peers,” Misa Hylton told BlackPressRadio during our LIVE STREAM on Instagram.

If you’re not familiar with how much she has accomplished and why she’s being honored by HER LEGACY AWARD do yourself the favor of learning now!


#MisaHylton was honored for being AMAZING. She was honored for her designs and work in #HipHop and #Fashion but mostly for her work as a HUMANITARIAN. Misa uses her contacts to help others. She uses her experiences to heal others. She remains a driving force in #HipHop and she deserves to be as long as she wants to be.

She is NOT defined by the men she has loved. She should not be put in a box and expected to react to every little thing the men she loved did or do. Misa is the mother of Justin Combs, 25, who she shares with father Sean “Diddy” Combs. One of his grandmothers is Janice Combs, who is Diddy’s mother.

There was a lot of promotional information distributed about the HER LEGACY CONFERENCE (and the Gala) but mainstream America only shows up for our PAIN and our STRUGGLES. They are NEVER there to showcase our TRIUMPHS.

@tmz @people @usweekly @theshaderoom showed up for #Diddy when it was time to turn #KimPorter funeral into the Puff Daddy Show. He was LEGITIMATELY grieving but they saw it as a chance to exploit Kim’s life, label her as a Baby Mama not a business woman like she and Misa both were/are. But he didn’t correct them, either.

NONE OF THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA OR BLOGS SHOWED UP LAST NIGHT to spread the word about Misa’s accomplishments. That’s why we cut away when she gave her speech. They would have just stole it and never gave credit to #BlackOwnedMedia

@blackpress_radio has ALWAYS been there for #BlackWomen #BlackPeople #BlackExcellence which is what we witnessed last night at COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY where Misa was honored.



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