Black Content Creator Conference

Meet Pop from #ProjectHeat #UrbanWebSeriesAwards and Debra Coco plus Jules Cortez and #AmeliaIsmoreBlack Content Creators Conference – EAST – takes place May 18-19, 2018 in New York City, the heart of some of the most amazing content ever created. This two day event will have hands on workshops to help content creators better monetize their content, enhance their craft and solidify their futures.

The world has been watching as African American content creators have creating some of the most lucrative content in history. From Shonda Rhimes owning Thursday nights to Issa Rae taking a low budget web series and creating a content empire, there is no denying that Black Content Creators have been doing their thing.

But in 2018, corporations and brands were not ready and watched in wonderment as Black consumers worldwide flood the box office rocking Kente cloth and greeting each other with the Wakanda Handshake. The result is Marvel and Disney’s most profitable movie in this already amazing history.

Now more than ever, companies worldwide are being to understand why we’ve been saying that Black consumers are so important. African American consumers spend $1.75 trillion annually, according to the US Treasury, which is nearly half the U.S. economy budget.

For 20 years, the tech industry has virtually IGNORED Black Content Creators and Blacks in Tech. But that has come to a screeching halt as corporations and brands realize that in order to survive they must capture the Black consumer’s interest and earn their respect.


  • Participate in PITCHFEST where you can pitch your projects to network execs
  • Meet leaders in corporation and brands that provide tools to help you make amazing content
  • Network with other Black Content Creators
  • Learn how to make your FIRST MILLION from your content
  • Get recognized worldwide for attending the event.




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